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Host cleaning responsibilities

The truth of the matter is you will never evenly share all cleaning and chores in the home all the time. A little hack that will improve your mindset and overall cleanliness of the house is to always do a little more than what you think is your share. If you have one housing companion, always do what you think is 60% of the cleaning and have them do the same. This way, your small overlap will ensure all areas of the house are cleaned. This is an important mental trick to help prevent you from telling yourself, that is their mess, so I will leave it. The only way you will be satisfied is to work together and do a little more to help their fellow housing companions.

Tip: It is a lot more motivating to clean when everyone is cleaning at the same time. If you finish your tasks early, help the others finish their task. You will likely find it impossible to sit on the couch when your housing companions are busy cleaning the home. Oh, the guilt!