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How can I be a considerate Guest?

To help you prepare for your stay, here are a few tips to help enhance your experience with your host.

Before you book

  • Share your story in the bio section of your profile. Hosts prefer to know who’s asking to stay with them, and as a result you may have a better chance of your requests being accepted.
  • Kopa has a diversity of listings, from shared rooms to entire homes. Make sure the space, house rules, and hosting style match your needs.
  • Spend some time reviewing your hosts’ listing to make sure the place is a good match for you.
  • Get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the listing by reading reviews from other tenants.
  • Feel free to contact a host with any questions you have about a listing.

Before your stay

  • Communicate clearly with your host about any expectations or special needs you may have.
  • Always let your host know if you’re likely to arrive late for check-in.

During your stay

  • Honor your commitments (including arrival time) and any house rules.
  • Be respectful of your neighbors.
  • Explore the neighborhood and support local businesses. It’s a great way to feel more like a local. Ask your host about their favorite neighborhood spots.
  • Get your host’s permission before having guests over, and note that there might be clauses in the lease that require you to pay money for guest sleepovers.
  • When in doubt, reach out to your host with any questions or problems that arise.

After your stay

  • Always leave an honest review for your host to help future tenants.