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Navigating my dashboard.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, and your listing is live, you will be able to return to your dashboard any time to review applications, have access to your contracts, and edit your listing. Here is a breakdown of how to navigate your account (dashboard).

  1. Guest Finder — View guests in your area on a map-based listing page
  2. Listings — View current live room listings
  3. Create Listing — — use this to create a new listing (if Host have 2 rooms they’d like to list, we always suggest creating two separate listings for each room. This allows two individual people to apply and sign contracts)
  4. Notifications — Shows recent updates on your listing such as new applications, changes to the listing etc.
  5. Messages — View and respond to messages with guests
  6. Profile Picture — Add or Update by selecting ‘Update’

Dashboard Menu:

a. Applications Tab — Where you can view new applications & pending contracts. For more info on what to do with these:

b. Contracts Tab — Shows all your signed contracts. Here you can Review previous and current signed contracts (contracts only appear in this tab once signed by both parties)

c. My Rooms Tab — Shows all your room listing and status of your room e.g. Draft (if Host listing is not complete) or Unlisted (when the Host decides not to rent the room). Host can also View or Edit room listings here.