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What are some safety tips I can follow as a Happipad Host?

Being a host comes with certain responsibilities. Here are some resources to help support you along the way.

  • Interact smartly – Always pay and communicate with Happipad. Use Happipad’s messaging system to get to know renters and share expectations about their stay or your space.
  • Read profiles and look for connected social networks and an offer letter or transcript. If potential tenants don’t have an offer letter or transcript, you can ask them to upload them to their profile. They will be visible in any booking request conversation.
  • Trust your intuition: If you don’t feel right about a booking, don’t accept it.
  • Fill out your House Rules, Guidelines and Description. Completing your house rules and guidelines helps renters know what to expect. Include anything you’d like renters to know before they book, for example, whether smoking is allowed, when quiet hours are, your Wi-Fi name and password, or if renters should take off their shoes before coming inside.
  • If a renter encounters an urgent or emergency situation, it’s important they know who to call, what, and where to go. To help make this information clear and easy to display, it is recommended that all hosts include their contact information in their listings Guidelines.