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What if a Guest has a pet?

As the Host, you will be asked during the creation of your account whether you allow for pets or not. This will be visible to Guest’s as they apply for rooms.

If you allow a Guest to bring their pet, Happipad will collect an additional pet deposit (half month’s rent) to hold in trust during the living arrangement. Once the Guest has moved out, you will have an opportunity to assess for any pet-related damage and submit a damage claim.

If the Residence is located in a condominium or strata, the Guest:

  • Will be responsible for obtaining the necessary approvals from the condominium or strata board,
    as applicable;
  • Must observe and adhere to all pet policies of the condominium or strata in which the Residence
    is located, if any; and
  • Acknowledges that any breach of such pet policies will be grounds for termination of the Living
    Arrangement by the Host.