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What should I expect from the interview process?

Below are some of the topics we recommend to Host and Guest to cover during the interview process:

Background: This is an opportunity to learn about the Host’s lifestyle, habits, and interests. Ask if they have any experience living with other people and what they learnt from that experience. Do you feel your lifestyles will be compatible to share the home?

Daily activities: What is each person’s typical daily routine? Will your schedules clash in the morning or evening? Having different schedules can make it easier to share common spaces. If your schedules are similar, how will you share the space?

Use of home: Review each area of the home and how you intend to use and share it. This is a great opportunity for both of you to understand how busy the home is and what to expect sharing a home.

Amenities: What is provided in the home and what will you (as the Guest) need to provide? Does the home have parking, storage for bicycles, or other things that might matter to you? What amenities are close to the home? Where are the nearest bus stop, grocery store, and gym?

Cleaning and organization: Each person typically has their own definition of what clean and tidy means. Discuss both of your expectations for cleaning the home, give specific examples.

Conflicts: Disagreements may arise at some point during your living arrangement and this is completely normal. Discussing how you will communicate and resolve these differences ahead of time will make it much easier to reach a solution.

Special considerations: Are there any special considerations either person should be aware of? Are there any special exceptions you wanted to add, such as if your family member wants to visit?

Extra help around the house: Many Hosts will offer reduced rent or other compensation for help with pet sitting, driving, yard work, or other tasks. This can be discussed with the Host to see what is fair.